wolf town tape

by Wrestling

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released on man the ramparts records, limited to 50 unique handmade copies. buy a copy on tape here:



released March 1, 2012

recorded live at beat foundry, dec 2011 by matt pinfield, grandflat productions. design/construction by rory butterworth.



all rights reserved


Wrestling England, UK


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Track Name: -2 friends since i posted this
there's nothing here for me, i'm standing on my hands and knees for all the world to see. you said you'd never leave, even in a million years! watch out. i want to empty the world, just to be alone. there's no way you can stop me. empty the world; to be alone.
Track Name: lord of the rings online
it's the city lights that remind me why we've got to get out of this place but it's the shitty times that remind me why you're not coming with me. but you have my heart, you have my heart. the summer won't wait for us, when it's gone it's gone. the summer won't wait for us, so bring your pokémon! everything seems so slow.
Track Name: t-shirt release show
and if you had less shirts than songs, then i'm pretty sure that we'd still get along!
Track Name: bottoms up on rooftops
on rooftops! can i see you? can i feel you? i need somewhere i can stay before the dawn begins the day over and over again. just need something, just for a while. give up, forget me for now. give up, just don't forget me. you won't find another city or find another sea but this city will follow you always, down the same old streets.
Track Name: nick's got a new blackberry
we're afraid of everything, take heart my friends. and we're tired of everyone but it's alright cause we're all scared. please say it's gonna be ok. i need you to light my darkest days. we can't live here forever, cause nothing gold can stay. but we won't be gone forever, we're just further away.